Sunday, January 22, 2012

Happy Sunday and Some Cookies Pictures

Hello Again! What do you think of the new digs? They are free compliments of The Cutest Blog on the Block, with super easy directions, too.

Thought it was about time to finally post some Christmas pictures, I'm going to have to get the hang of keeping up with busy seasons and still posting about them :).

I made tons of mini cutouts for gifts and to bring for family, they were super fun! Being ever short on time, I opted to use the Betty Crocker decorating icing bags which were on sale for 1$ at Aldi! They were great, set just as quick as homemade royal icing. 

Those white sparklies are from Wilton, it only takes a little and I love them for snow! I've had the same 1 oz container for years because I've only used them for cut-outs, so they have lasted all this time. 

The stars with sugar remind me of the stars in the Macy's day parade, don't you think? I used the flooding technique for the icing, where you outline the edges of the cookies and then fill in the middle, spreading the filling icing around with a butter knife or a toothpick. 

I also used the Basic Rolled Cookie recipe found here, without superfine sugar or a food processor to make it in, and it worked great. A soft cookie that's still firm enough to keep it's shape with a detailed mini cookie cutter has been hard for me to come by, so I was pretty excited!

I'll share some more pictures soon. What are your favorite go-to Christmas cookie recipes?

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