Monday, May 28, 2012

Our First Big Fundraiser!!!!

many of you know, we've been asking people to donate things to our "adoption rummage sale" for quite a while now. We figured that we'd try to start out with the fundraisers that required the lowest amount of cost or effort from other people, and what could be cheaper than the stuff people were already planning on getting rid of?

I have to say, I was incredibly humbled and am incredibly grateful for this fundraiser. We picked a sunny forecast, which turned out to also be the weekend of the Little League Baseball Parade across the street.

My mom came down to help, which was a huge help! She's so organized! It was also cool because she got to stay with us for a few extra days and she was here for Mothers Day :)

People donated tons of stuff, all throughout the weekend even, and came by to help organize, shop, and offer encouragement. How blessed we are with a beautiful, supportive community!

I was honestly surprised how much little stuff we sold. When I was a kid, the town we lived in was the kind where the "big ticket items" in your ad were the things that brought people out, and a few other people would come by for kids toys etc. Here it's the complete opposite: people come out to buy clothes and little stuff, and all of the mid-sized things were gone by the end, but we had most of the big stuff left. That's great though, because now we can sell it online or use it again in our next yard sale in late summer/early fall. Because with this kind of success, who wouldn't want a repeat?!

I was also very surprised by the success of the bake sale we did at the same time. I had at least 4 pans of cakes or brownies, 3 dozen chocolate chip cookies, 2 dozen oatmeal cookies and 4 dozen cupcakes all out the first day, and had to bake more that night because we ran out!

It was nice to socialize the pups with lots of unknown people at their house. I was proud of how well they did, especially our little scardy-cat Kiwi who actually came out to visit people on her own accord!

So, the results? Drumroll please....

With a garage still full of items for next time, this fundraiser brought our adoption fund up over the $1,000 mark!!! WOO-HOO!!!!

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